• AT SMILEGROUP WE KNOW... That the most successful outcomes are the results of strong collaboration with individuals who are totally committed to a common goal: “To deliver excellence in children’s dentistry in a safe, positive and professional environment.” When Smilegroup is looking after your child, you can have confidence that we know what is required to overcome any apprehension they may have, so the process of getting your child to the dentist could not be easier…
  • OUR EXPERIENCE AND TRACK RECORD: Smilegroup was established over 8 years ago and is recognised as one of Sydney's most thorough and progressive Paediatric dental practices. With two practices located across the Hills and Western suburbs, we have successfully helped many thousands of children achieve optimal dental health.
  • THE PASSION WE SHARE Smilegroup's passion is to provide thorough and quality treatment. We believe that every child is a precious gift and gaining a child's trust and confidence is most rewarding to us. Our motivation is to make a positive contribution to the community by increasing understanding about children's dental growth and development. Our aim is to share with children and their parents ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • THE REACTION Our clients love Smilegroup. There is an overwhelming response from parents when they discover first hand at our unique and caring approach. Parents are consistently delighted with how well their children respond to us, as we accomplish the treatment plan, provide ongoing support and help overcome any apprehensions their child may have. At Smilegroup our team understands that there is only one priority - your child.

Smilegroup is a paediatric dental practice dedicated to the dental care of infants, children and teenagers. Our practice is known for providing the highest possible standard of paediatric dental care. We achieve this through our clinical expertise and excellent behavioural management skills.  At Smilegroup, we provide routine dental care and check-ups, treatment under happy gas and comprehensive treatment under general anaesthetic and Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation). Our philosophy is aimed at providing exceptional care, expertise and prevention. It’s a philosophy that brings great results for the children we see, their parents and our referring dentists.
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“Dear Dr Katherine, thank you very much for looking after Bryce’s teeth. You have done a fine job and he has been bouncing off the walls since he got home. He is very proud of his teeth, and we are all getting used to the space in his very frequent smile.” (Michelle, Rohan & Bryce)

“Dear Dr Katherine and Staff:  Thank you so much for the genuine care and attention you gave to Christian. Dr Katherine you are a WONDERFUL Kid’s Dentist! ” (A & A Sanchez)
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