Our focus is to make the dental experience as comfortable and enjoyable for your child.

Our Philosophy

At Smilegroup our practice philosophy is centred on care, expertise and prevention. We offer specialist dental treatment where required and routine dental care for children up to all ages.

Smilegroup devotes substantial amounts of time and effort to promote preventive dentistry. Our team strives to enhance your child’s positive self-image through achieving optimal oral health.

The Smilegroup Way

When Smilegroup is looking after your child, you can have confidence that we know what is required to overcome any apprehension they may have, so the process of getting your child to the dentist could not be easier…

Parents are consistently delighted with how well their children respond to us, as we accomplish the treatment plan, provide ongoing support and help overcome any apprehensions their child may have.

This is only made possible with a highly trained and experienced team of doctors and support staff who are fully dedicated to delivering excellence in children’s dentistry in a safe, positive and professional environment.

With Dr Katherine’s clinical expertise and the Smilegroup team looking after your child’s dental health, you can rest assured you’re in the most experienced of hands.

Growing Healthy Smiles

Smilegroup employs a skilled and energetic team of a Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Anaesthetists, nurses and administrative staff. As a team, we have achieved much fulfilment and considerable personal satisfaction through helping children grow healthy smiles.

New Patients

As a new patient, scheduling treatment or an initial consultation with us is simple. Parents can contact us directly to make an appointment for their child.

Referred Patients

All referred children arriving at Smilegroup are booked for an initial consultation. This involves a complete examination and low-dose radiation X-rays to assist us in a careful diagnosis of your child’s teeth and gums.
Following this, a tailored treatment plan is formulated for your child’s needs. We will discuss any issues or concerns before proceeding with the best treatment plan for your child.

Continuing Care Patients

As a continuing care patient, you can schedule your child’s check up and cleanings directly with Smilegroup or you can choose to carry out your child’s routine dental care with your preferred Dentist.

Professional Seminars

Specialists Seminars – Dr Katherine Ngu presented to 150+ General Dentists and Attendees on her area of special interest.

Community Awareness

Dr Katherine Ngu encourages young children to look after their “Pearly Whites” at a local Preschool.

Business Coverage

Business Coverage